0.4.0Apr 1st

Relation Fields on Record Page

On record pages, you can now expand relation cards to view their fields without navigating to their individual record pages. For example, on a Company record page, you can expand an employee card to view their job title. This feature applies to all types of objects, including custom ones.

Address Field Type

The new Address Field Type enables entry of a full address in one field, while structurally storing each address part - such as street name and number - in separate subfields.


You can now switch between workspaces by clicking your workspace name at the top left of the screen. This feature will only appear if you have been invited to join another workspace.

0.3.3Mar 19th

Gmail integration

Connect your Gmail account to automatically associate emails with relevant 'People' and 'Companies'. Contacts you've emailed will be automatically added to 'People', excluding non-personal emails like support@ and team@. Control your privacy by selecting the information you share with your team.

Kanbans on any object

Create a Kanban view on any object and streamline processes like recruitment or onboarding.


We are pleased to reopen the cloud subscription to everyone. No more waiting!

0.3.2Feb 29th

New record page

The record page now features a clearer layout with increased space for content

0.3.1February 16th

Contributors page

Contributors now have their very own hall of fame.


0.3.0Feb 3rd

Rating field

The new Rating field represents a numeric value from zero to five, it can be useful for various use-cases such as scoring leads.


0.2.3Jan 17th


Developers can now use webhooks to synchronize customer data updates in real-time across applications.


Relations on Record Pages

You can now navigate from one object to another directly from the record detail page.


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