0.20.0Jun 13th

Enhanced Timeline

The timeline on every record page has been significantly improved. It now provides detailed updates for:

  • Record creations
  • Field updates
  • Received emails
  • Created calendar events

Improved Onboarding Experience

Our onboarding process has been streamlined to let you import your calendar and emails seamlessly. You can now also configure your privacy settings directly during onboarding, allowing you to choose between sharing content with your team or keeping it hidden.

Email and calendar Blocklist

To enhance privacy, you can now add specific email addresses to a blocklist within the "Accounts" settings. This feature prevents sensitive content from being synced to the CRM when corresponding with certain individuals. This can be particularly useful when managing sensitive deals.

0.12.0May 27th


Introduced a new design for notifications featuring lighter colors.

Skeleton Loading

Implemented skeleton loading to improve user experience by displaying placeholder content while data is being fetched.

Link field

Introduced a new Link Field type to add and manage one or several external URLs on any object. Available in custom objects starting today.

Data Model Diagram

Introduced a "Data Model Diagram" feature that allows users to visualize the relationships between different objects within the CRM.

0.11.0May 3rd

Google Calendar Integration

With Google Calendar integration, you can track all your team's events with a company or person in your CRM. Choose the information level visible to your teammates for better control.

Improved Performance

We have improved app performance, shaving off over 500ms on each page.

0.10.0Apr 18th

More Field Types, More Power

Enhance your data handling capabilities with the addition of four new field types:

Multi-Select Field

The Multi-Select Field allows for tagging a record with multiple attributes, providing a flexible way to classify and filter data.

Example Use Case: Tag a company record with multiple industries such as "Retail," "Technology," and "Finance," enabling more nuanced segmentation and analysis.

Currency Field

Designed specifically for financial data, the Currency Field ensures correct calculation and standard formatting for monetary figures.

Example Use Case: Record and manage global transactions in their original currencies while maintaining precision in financial reporting.

Datetime Field

With the Datetime Field, you can effectively track events, deadlines, and activities with enhanced accuracy, improving time management and scheduling.

Example Use Case: Precisely track and set reminders for project milestones and deadlines.

JSON Field

The JSON Field allows for the storage of complex, structured data within a single field, thus expanding the capabilities for data customisation and integration.

Example Use Case: Store configurable data for a product, such as feature flags or customization options, directly within a CRM record.

0.4.0Apr 5th

Relation Fields on Record Page

On record pages, you can now expand relation cards to view their fields without navigating to their individual record pages. For example, on a Company record page, you can expand an employee card to view their job title. This feature applies to all types of objects, including custom ones.

Address Field Type

The new Address Field Type enables entry of a full address in one field, while structurally storing each address part - such as street name and number - in separate subfields.


You can now switch between workspaces by clicking your workspace name at the top left of the screen. This feature will only appear if you have been invited to join another workspace.

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